Switzerland Journal April 12th 1937 (4)

Accademia di Bella Arti
We didn’t have time to see the whole of the Academy, but we saw the main “Chef d’oeuvres”. One of the chief works of Michaelangelo is the statue, the Pieta. He has done two, one of which is in St Peter’s at Rome & the other in this academy. He has signed these two statues, the only things of his work he ever signed.
In the academy all the statues were by Michaelangelo. There are quite a lot that have only been started.
The greatest of all Michaelangelo work stands here _ the enormouse[sic] statue of David. He has done various Davids but this is the greatest of the lot. It was modelled out of a block of Carrara marble which had been put away with as spoiled. David was done by the young Michaelangelo from 1501-1503. The statue was placed in front of the Palazzo Vecchio. It was moved out of its wooden frame in the square of the Cathederal[sic] & it took about 40 men 4 days to remove it to the Palazzo delle Signoria.
There is a story that the chief critic of the Signera, on coming to see the David, said that he thought the nose was a little too big. Michaelangelo gravely mounted the ladder, chissel[sic] in hand & pretended to alter the nose, letting fall some marble dust which he had in his pocket. When he asked the critic what he thought of it now, the critic said “Bravo! Well done! You have given it life.”

Switzerland journal April 12th 1937
Switzerland journal April 12th 1937
Switzerland journal April 12th 1937

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