Switzerland Journal April 7th 1937 (4)

The Colosseum is the biggest theatre in the world. It is an old Roman ruin. Inside there are great stones in the form of tiers. One can see the places under the floor where animals were kept, & the Royal box. There is no roof to the Colosseum.

The Tower Fra Angelo was built by the emperor Hadrian. It is a big round tower standing on the River Tiber & next to the Palace of Justice. The tower stands almost whole. It is made famous for its entrance into the opera “Tosca.” At one time it was a prison & the prisoners were thrown into the river. One can see some of the rooms in the tower, which are as they were in the way of decoration & furnature[sic]
From the top one gets a lovely view over Rome.

The Pantheon is an old Roman church. It consists of only one big dome. The root of which is open. Part of the floor is wet, where the rain has fallen. At the Panthéon is the tomb of the painter Raphaël.

From Rome to the tomb of the Curias
We took a carriage at the Colosseum & went out of Rome for a drive in the country. The day was sunny & hot & the sky was blue. The scenery was lovely. We passed the Roman baths & the Palace of the Emperor Augustus. At the little church of Quo Vadis we stopped & went in. It is a tiny place and very beautiful. On the floor there is a square, raised block of mantle in which there are 2 footprints sunk in. These footprints are suppose [sic] to be those of Jesus when he descended, after the Resurrection, to St Peter in this church. There is a piece of the original floor which still stands & where St Peter was supposed to have walked.
We left Quo Vadis & went on in the carriage to an old ruined castle. There was nothing much to be seen here. We only saw some Roman skulls in a case.
After the castle we didn’t stop until we reached the tomb of the Curias. On our way we passed the Catacombes [sic] of St Sebastian & the tomb of the Horaces.
The country was very flat with the sea in the distance on our right & (a long way off) hills on our left. We saw lots of ruins of old aquiducts [sic] dotted about over the fields. In the hills there was the town of Tivoli, but we didn’t have time to go there. Our road passed through an avenue of pine trees, one of which is famous in photos & that has been painted by Turner & other painters. These pine trees have queer shapes. They are tall with a flat top_____*
On our return journey we passed through villages which were very poor & miserable.
We reach the Colosseum again at 6.15 after a ride of nearly 4 hours. And as we left a wonderful afternoon behind us, so we will leave Rome to continue our way to Florence.

*See the photo of the page for Peggy’s drawing of one of the pine trees.

Switzerland journal April 7th
Switzerland journal April 7th
Switzerland journal April 7th
Switzerland journal April 7th

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