Welcome to Peggy's life in 1936

Welcome to Peggy’s life in 1936

On Christmas Eve 2019 I re-discovered my Grandmother’s 1936 ‘school-girl’s diary’.

Peggy Newgass was born on February 22nd, 1920, which would have made her 100 this year. It felt like an apt time to publish her diary, one day at a time, as she wrote it, eighty four years ago.

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The Alsatian

Today’s Dog Of The Week, as sketched by Peggy, is The Alsatian, modelled by Bobby.

Blank pages

Next in the back of Peggys diary are several pages she didn’t fill in. These are for:Films Seen During The Year. A suggestion for an alternative use for the page is noted at the bottom: “Gramophone Records Heard and Required”.An Autographs page.Cricket Matches.Netball Matches.Tennis Matches – two pages.

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