November 28th 1936

Diary sub-note: 1721. Cartouche, highwayman, executedFull Moon, 4.12 p.m.S.R. 7.39, S.S. 3.57 Had letter from Daddy.Went shopping in the town & I bought my things for fancy dress. Had a nice drawing lesson. Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of a Skye Terrier: THE SKYE TERRIER. Here is an example of Nature’s adaptability. The climate ofContinue reading “November 28th 1936”

November 21st 1936

Diary sub-note: 1918. Surrender of German main fleetS.R. 7.28, S.S. 4.4 Went shopping for “Escalade”*. Had letters from Paddy, Primrose & “Milly”. Wrote to Susan. Got the curse. *The Escalade is a Genevan festival celebrated every December to commemorate Geneva’s victory against the Duke of Savoy’s troops in 1602. Diary footnote, accompanied by aContinue reading “November 21st 1936”

September 26th 1936

Diary sub-note: 1750. Admiral Collingwood bornS.R. 6.52, S.S.6.5 Had lessons in the morning. Went out to the town with Mlle Hartmann. Had tea at La Grande Passage. Went to watch the riding at the school we are going to ride at. Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of a West Highland White Terrier: WEST HIGHLAND WHITEContinue reading “September 26th 1936”

August 29th 1936

Diary sub-note: 1782. Royal George sunkS.R. 6.7, S.S. 7.54 Bathed 3 times. Mr, Mrs, Peggy & Anne Joseph came. We went up the river for a little run. Had lunch at the cafĂ© in Potter Higham. Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of a Kerry Blue Terrier: THE KERRY BLUE TERRIER. Though arbitrarily allocated to Co.Continue reading “August 29th 1936”

August 15th 1936

Diary sub-note: 1771. Sir Walter Scott bornS.R. 5.45, S.S. 8.23 Shopped in the morning. Took Yandi for a longs walk with Mummie in the afternoon. We got lost in some woods which was fun. Came out by Nautical college. Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of an Irish Terrier: THE IRISH TERRIER. Clearly allied to theContinue reading “August 15th 1936”