Switzerland journal October 17th 1936

“Veronique.” An operetta written by Massager. Extremely pretty scenery and dresses. The singing was marvellous and so was the music. M. Jean Badès was in it. Chambésy. A very pretty little village in the suburbs of Geneva. Grapes grow on nearly every house there. The village main street is a hill, steep and very narrow.Continue reading “Switzerland journal October 17th 1936”

Switzerland journal October 15th 1936

Monnetier. A very pretty little village on the top of Salève, a mountain in France. There is a path up the mountain and it takes about 3/4 hours to climb up. It is very steep. There is a most wonderful view from the village. On one side is Geneva & the river Arve, lying farContinue reading “Switzerland journal October 15th 1936”

Switzerland journal October 1st 1936

Annemasse. A very pretty town in France, the opposite direction from Ferney. Is situated at the foot of a mountain. About 2 kilometers away from the French customs on the border. Geneva. (Genève) An International town situated at the west (the beginning) of Lake Léman, where the river Rhône joins the lake. The League ofContinue reading “Switzerland journal October 1st 1936”

April 15th 1936

Diary sub-note: 1912. Titanic disaster Came up by train with mummie, Dr Coad & Captain & Mrs Belle to London (37). Mrs Dolton came to supper (cousin of Noel Coward’s). I went to be fitted for clothes for Switzerland in the afternoon.

March 13th 1936

Dairy sub-note: 1695. La Fontaine, French poet, died Had a letter from daddie telling me about my school in Switzerland. Miss Frank was in bed & so I read about Switzerland for geography. Miss Candlin Mrs Fanshawe came to dancing. Peggy will be sent to a finishing school in Switzerland.