Switzerland Journal January 24th 1937

Jan: 24th AnnecyAnnecy is an old & beautiful town _ but dirty. It is very popular with British people, & a lot of English artists go there to paint. It is situated on the lake of Annecy. The town is not unlike Venice with little canals & bridges. There is a modern part of theContinue reading “Switzerland Journal January 24th 1937”

Switzerland Journal January 19th 1937

Jan: 19th Thanne. (*Thun)A very old town in the canton of Bern. The army of horses of Switzerland are kept there. At Thun there is a very beautiful old castle high up above the town. From the castle there is a lovely view overlooking the town & the lake of Thun. The streets are narrowContinue reading “Switzerland Journal January 19th 1937”