Irish Terrier Portrait

Peggy was a keen artist and a few of her sketches were found among her belongings after she died. In case you’ve missed the Dog of the Week posts from her diary, I will post one of her own drawings every Saturday. Here is her Irish Terrier, as modelled by Peter!

December 26th 1936

Diary sub-note: S. Stephen. Bank Holiday 1716. Thomas Gray, poet, born S.R. 8.5, S.S. 3.56 Set of[sic] for La Lenk. The train was crammed. Danced in the evening until 10.30. Nice hotel with all English people. Diary footnote, accompanied by a photograph of a Wire Haired Terrier: THE WIRE HAIRED TERRIER. We owe the wireContinue reading “December 26th 1936”

November 28th 1936

Diary sub-note: 1721. Cartouche, highwayman, executedFull Moon, 4.12 p.m.S.R. 7.39, S.S. 3.57 Had letter from Daddy.Went shopping in the town & I bought my things for fancy dress. Had a nice drawing lesson. Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of a Skye Terrier: THE SKYE TERRIER. Here is an example of Nature’s adaptability. The climate ofContinue reading “November 28th 1936”

August 22nd 1936

Diary sub-note: 1914. Battle of CharleroiS.R. 5.56, S.S. 8.9 Went to Great Salhouse broad. Bathed in the afternoon. Joy & I tracked daddie, And & Muriel on a walk. Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of a Japanese Spaniel: THE JAPANESE SPANIEL. These little dogs have been known in this country for at least a hundredContinue reading “August 22nd 1936”

August 1st 1936

Diary sub-note: Lammas Day (Scottish Quarter Day)1914. Germany declared war on RussiaS.R. 5.23, S.S. 8.49 Went to Nuneaton to stay with Anne. Mr Bourne, Anna, Harry & Pat came to fetch me in their new Wolsey car. Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of an Irish Water Spaniel: IRISH WATER SPANIEL. At first sight he isContinue reading “August 1st 1936”

April 11th 1936

Diary sub-note: 1713. Gibraltar ceded to Great BritainS.R. 5.14, S.S, 6.49 Went shopping with mummie in the morning. Saw Mrs Smythe & met her eldest daughter Mrs Pemberton. Knitted & had the wireless on all afternoon & evening. Mum went to Didcot for a “Fur & Feather” meeting. Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of aContinue reading “April 11th 1936”

March 28th 1936

Diary sub-note: 1854. Crimean War declaredS.R. 5.45, S.S. 6.26 Dr Ward came. Started to have measles. Daddie rang up. Cammie’s father came. Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of a Bull Terrier: THE BULL TERRIER. Here’s a real sportsman of British descent, his ancestors being the Bulldog and the old White English Terrier (the latter aContinue reading “March 28th 1936”