January 10th 1936

Dairy sub-note: 1778. Linnaeus, naturalist, died Went to museum at Château de Saint Germain. Went to see Pierre. Pierre went in for verbial [sic] exam. Took photos of mlle Margerite & Mrs Schlund. Went to see “La Fugue de Mariette” (Naughty Marietta). We assume she means ‘verbal’, not ‘verbial’.

January 9th 1936

Dairy sub-note: Christmas Fire Insurance ceases1873. Napoleon III died Went to the D’Alliene wedding. Saw a lot of officers & well known people. Pierre could not come back for a punishment on account of a misunderstanding in the Barracks. For clarification: we think this should read “Pierre could not come back because of a punishment,Continue reading “January 9th 1936”

January 4th 1936

Dairy sub-note: 1806. Cape of Good Hope taken by the British.S.R. 8.6, s.s. 4.4 Went up the Arc de Triomph & Eiffel Tower. Bought Roast Chestnuts. Went to the “Dôme” for tea. Wrote a card to Dordor*. *Dordor was what Peggy called her Grandmother. Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of a Bulldog: The Bulldog. HisContinue reading “January 4th 1936”

January 2nd 1936

Diary sub-note: 18. Ovis and Livy died* Went skating. Saw Mrs Schlund’s friend. Saw “Boucles d’ore”** (Curly Top). Had letter from Anne Harrison & Mrs Miller. Wrote to Anne Harrison. *Ovid and Livy were famous Roman historians and poets. Ovid wrote the metamorphoses, which tells the story from the creation through to the death ofContinue reading “January 2nd 1936”

January 1st 1936

Diary sub-note: New Year’s Day. Bank Holiday in ScotlandDog and Annual Motor Licences renewable 1909. Old Age Pensions inaugurated. Moon: First Quarter, 3.15pm. “7.30 got up. Took Diane out. Went to the Bastille & Musée Grévin with Mrs Schlund. Pierre’s friend came. Had on the wireless after dinner.”