August 15th 1936

Diary sub-note: 1771. Sir Walter Scott bornS.R. 5.45, S.S. 8.23 Shopped in the morning. Took Yandi for a longs walk with Mummie in the afternoon. We got lost in some woods which was fun. Came out by Nautical college. Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of an Irish Terrier: THE IRISH TERRIER. Clearly allied to theContinue reading “August 15th 1936”

August 8th 1936

Diary sub-note: 1827. George Canning, statesman, diedS.R. 5.34, S.S. 8.36 Went to buy some shoes with Andy. Went to spend the night with Nancy. Listened to the band in Hyde Park with Nancy & cousin Philip. Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of an Irish Setter: IRISH SETTER. One of the oldest breeds of sporting dogs,Continue reading “August 8th 1936”

August 4th 1936

Diary sub-note: 1914. War declared on Germany Went for a picnic to Malvern Hills. Went on to Knowle swimming baths. Had a bathe & tea at the baths. Saw Donald Wolfit* there. I wrote to him. *Donald Wolfit was one of the leading Shakespearian actors of his day.