June 20th 1936

Diary Sub-note: 1837. Accession of Queen VictoriaS.R. 4.42, S.S. 9.20 Played a tennis match against Horsley Towers & lost 1-6 matches. There was a thunder storm in the middle of the match. I fagged* on the hard court. *possibly tagged/lagged… Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of a French Bulldog: FRENCH BULLDOG. Opinions are divided asContinue reading “June 20th 1936”

Peggy’s younger years

Despite Peggy’s entry for December 27th her diary doesn’t start properly until January 1st, so in the meantime I thought I’d provide a little background about her life. Born on February 22nd, 1920, in London, Peggy was brought up by her parents, Sylvia Hughes d’Aeth (pronounced Death) and Edgar Newgass, who had shortened his nameContinue reading “Peggy’s younger years”