Books Read, part 4

The last four books on this page are: Old St Pauls and The Tower of London, both by the author of Windsor Castle, Harrison Aynesworth. Peggy found them equally marvellous. Next is The Stolen March by Dornford Yates, which was already listed earlier. Either she read it again or she forgot that she had alreadyContinue reading “Books Read, part 4”

Books Read, continued

Continuing on with the books that Peggy read in 1936… The next on her list was The Flight of the Heron, by D. K. Broster, which she thought was marvellous. The next two were by the same author: The Gleam in the North and The Dark Mile. Presumably the markings on the page meant thatContinue reading “Books Read, continued”

Books Read, part 3

Next on Peggy’s book list was Edward VIII Our King, which she thought was very good. This is uncredited. It was produced in January 1936, to commemorate Edward’s accession to the throne. Peggy returned to Dornford Yates next, for Jonah & Co, which she rated as Marvellous. David of King’s by Benson was next, andContinue reading “Books Read, part 3”

Books Read During The Year

Peggy was an avid reader. Today I’m posting the first few books she listed as having read in 1936. The first three are by Dornford Yates: ‘Adèle & Co’, the well-mentioned ‘Berry & Co’ and ‘Anthony Lyveden’. Peggy’s opinion of these books was “Marvellous.“ This is what says about Berry & Co: “This collectionContinue reading “Books Read During The Year”

Books Lent

Peggy filled in the ‘Books Lent’ page at the back of her diary. It seems that as well as borrowing “Berry & Co” she also lent it out. On January 23rd the lent it to J. Trench, on March 2nd to P. D. Miller and on March 7th she lent it to M. Dorting andContinue reading “Books Lent”

August 28th 1936

Diary sub-note: 1914. Naval victory in Heligoland Bight Moved on moorings to the other side of the river. There was a lovely picture of David at Athens in the paper. Had 2 bathes. Had a bath. Finished “The Brother of Daphne” & started “The Stolen March”.

July 11th 1936

Diary sub-note: 1708. Battle of OudenardeMoon: Last Quarter, 5.28 p.m.S.R. 4.56, S.S. 9.14 It rained & so we played ping-pong & bagatelle in the gym in the afternoon. I played with Julie. The junior team played St Mary’s convent & lost 9-0 matches. Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of a Great Dane: THE GREAT DANE.Continue reading “July 11th 1936”