January 11th 1936

Dairy sub-note: Hilary Law Sittings begin
1753. Sir Hans Sloane, physician, died
S.R. 8.3, S.S. 4.12

Went to Musée Victor Hugo. Poured with rain. Pierre came in time for dinner. Pierre & Mrs Schlund went to a film. I had on the wireless until 9.30 & then went to bed.

Diary entry January 11th 1936

Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of an Alsatian: The Alsatian. Resembling the wolf more nearly than any other breed, both in size and appearance, he has earned a rather unfortunate, but undeserved reputation. Originally used in Germany as a sheep-dog, his quick intelligence, powers of tracking, and initiative have found him invaluable in police work. During the War*, the Germans used him for the carrying of messages and ammunition. He is essentially a ‘one man’ dog, suspicious of strangers, but amenable to firm handling.

*1936 was post World War One, but pre World War Two.

January 10th 1936

Dairy sub-note: 1778. Linnaeus, naturalist, died

Went to museum at Château de Saint Germain. Went to see Pierre. Pierre went in for verbial [sic] exam. Took photos of mlle Margerite & Mrs Schlund. Went to see “La Fugue de Mariette” (Naughty Marietta).

We assume she means ‘verbal’, not ‘verbial’.
Diary entry January 10th 1936
‘Naughty Marietta’ movie poster

January 9th 1936

Dairy sub-note: Christmas Fire Insurance ceases
1873. Napoleon III died

Went to the D’Alliene wedding. Saw a lot of officers & well known people. Pierre could not come back for a punishment on account of a misunderstanding in the Barracks.

For clarification: we think this should read “Pierre could not come back because of a punishment, on account of a misunderstanding in the Barracks.”

We would love to know more about Pierre, but we don’t have any information about who he is.

Diary entry January 9th 1936

January 7th 1936

Dairy sub-note: 1558. England lost Calais

Went shopping with Mrs Schlund. Went to Musée Luxembourg & Panthéon. Went to see “Sa M’ajesté S’amuse” (Carl Brisson & Mary Ellis) & “Les Croisades” again.

Diary entry January 7th 1936
Poster for ‘Sa Majeste S’Amuse’

January 5th 1936

Dairy sub-note: 2nd [Sunday] after Christmas
1066. Edward the Confessor died

Went to Versailles with Mlle Henreitte. Pierre came home for a few hours. Took Pierre back to Saint Germain in the motor-bike with M Jean. Saw Paris at night.

Diary entry January 5th 1936

January 4th 1936

Dairy sub-note: 1806. Cape of Good Hope taken by the British.
S.R. 8.6, s.s. 4.4

Went up the Arc de Triomph & Eiffel Tower. Bought Roast Chestnuts. Went to the “Dôme” for tea. Wrote a card to Dordor*.

*Dordor was what Peggy called her Grandmother.

Diary entry January 4th 1936

Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of a Bulldog: The Bulldog. His ferocious appearance belies his gentle disposition. He belongs to the Mastiff family, of which breed he was originally a smaller variant, suitable for bull baiting. He had to be low to the ground, to get under the bull’s lowered horns and fix him by the nose. The shape of his jaws gives him a tenacious grip, difficult to shake off, and his powerful neck, chest and shoulders form an important part of his fighting equipment.

January 2nd 1936

Diary sub-note: 18. Ovis and Livy died*

Went skating. Saw Mrs Schlund’s friend. Saw “Boucles d’ore”** (Curly Top). Had letter from Anne Harrison & Mrs Miller. Wrote to Anne Harrison.

*Ovid and Livy were famous Roman historians and poets. Ovid wrote the metamorphoses, which tells the story from the creation through to the death of Julius Caesar in 44bc. Livy also wrote about creation and the origins of Rome.

**Boucles D’or was a film starring Shirley Temple – aka ‘Curly Top’.

Diary entry January 2nd 1936