Memoranda 3

The last section of this page is a mystery. Here is the text: Record“Love“ This could mean so many things. Perhaps it was a record she wanted to acquire, after she wrote her initial list. Whatever the reason, I find it apt that the last word Peggy wrote in her diary was “Love”, since itContinue reading “Memoranda 3”

Memoranda 2

The next section of text on the Memoranda page looks like the words to a song or poem that Peggy wrote. I can’t find reference to them online, so they don’t appear to be existing lyrics. Like the top section, they are crossed out, possibly indicating that it was a draft that she has copiedContinue reading “Memoranda 2”


The final page in Peggy’s diary is ‘Memoranda’. There is quite a lot of writing on the page, so I’m splitting it into a few posts. As we know, Peggy enjoyed listening to the gramophone. She used this page to make a note of records she wanted to buy, under the heading ‘Records required‘. TheContinue reading “Memoranda”

My Weekly Place In Class

This appears to be a table to log how well the student is doing in certain lessons, by noting where they rank in the class. I’m glad that this isn’t significant in school classes these days! The lessons in the table headers are Classics and Mathematics, with a space to add another. Peggy has onlyContinue reading “My Weekly Place In Class”

Music Practice Register

Peggy recorded her music practice (or lessons) here. Monday to Thursday she was scheduled at 6.10 in the music room (Monday’s time looks like 16.10, but appears to be boxed in, creating the ‘1’). She had a day off on Fridays, and then had another practice scheduled on Saturdays at 11.30.

My Friends’ Birthdays

Here Peggy recorded people’s birthdays. They are as follows:E. Hart. Jan 10thS Boileau. Jan 10thP.D. Miller. Feb 17thE. Fanshawe. Feb 18thA. Cochrane. Feb 25thP. Robertson. Feb 21stA. Harrison. Feb 26thS. Kemble. August October 10thA. Bourne. August 13thP. U. Miller. March 2ndL. Le Mesurier. March 13thMrs. Bourne. Feb 23rd.

Lacrosse Matches

Peggy crossed out ‘Hockey or’ from this page’s heading, to record the Lacrosse matches she played in in Spring 1936.Her records are as follows:Feb 1st – away – The Knoll. Won 9-6Feb 8th – away – Horsley Towers. Won 7-6Feb 22nd – here – East Berks. Lost 6-12 (This was Peggy’s birthday)March 8th – hereContinue reading “Lacrosse Matches”

Switzerland Journal January 24th 1937

Jan: 24th AnnecyAnnecy is an old & beautiful town _ but dirty. It is very popular with British people, & a lot of English artists go there to paint. It is situated on the lake of Annecy. The town is not unlike Venice with little canals & bridges. There is a modern part of theContinue reading “Switzerland Journal January 24th 1937”