Switzerland Journal April 12th 1937 (5)

The Hall of the Princes. This is a colossal hall made in different coloured marble. It is a monument to the Medicis. The hall is modern, in fact the floor isn’t yet finnished[sic]. There are the tombs & statues of the different Medicis. Round the walls there are the crests of the different towns which they were Lord of. The ceiling of this hall is wonderfully painted. There is another room ajoining[sic] which is much smaller. In this little room there are the famous monuments to the Medicis by Michaelangelo. The crest of the Medici family is 6 balls on a shield, 5 of which are red & the 6th blue with the fleur de lys _
*See the picture of the page for Peggy’s drawing of the crest.

Fiesole is a tiny village high up in the hills. It consists of a monestry[sic], catherderal[sic], a school & a few shops. There is a monument there of Garibaldi shaking hands with the King Victor Emmanuel II, on horseback. From Fiesole one gets a wonderful view over Florence. The monestry[sic] is open to the public & is a very pretty place. Fiesole was built before Florence. It is a Roman village & there is a Roman theatre that still remains.

San Miniato is a church on the opposite hill to Fiesole. The church is made of marble. It is small & not very interesting. Near by there is the Garden of Michaelangelo. It is a big open space where one can get a view over Florence. In this place there is another of Michaelangelo’s Davids. It is the same as that in the museum & built in marble. It is not quite so big as the other. It stands on a pedestal with parts of the monument to the Medici by Michaelangelo.
There are two big picture galleries in Florence. The main one is the Uffizi or Offices & the other is the Pitti.
In the Uffizi there are lots of the well known pictures by Raphael & Botticelli.

The Duomo (Cathederal[sic]) at Milan is the biggest in the world. It is built in Gothic style & entirely of white marble. It has 100 spires.
The stained glass windows are wonderful & very big. It is said that from the top of the Duomo one can see Venice.
This Duomo is unique in the world. Also at Milan there is the famouse[sic] painting of “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci. It is painted on the wall of the refectory in an old monastry[sic].

Switzerland journal April 12th 1937
Switzerland journal April 12th 1937
Switzerland journal April 12th 1937

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