Switzerland Journal April 7th 1937 (3)

Rome & what we saw.
Rome is the capital of Italy. Nearly all the houses are old Roman Palaces & where-ever you go you’ve got the Roman ruins all around you. The different Forums of Roman times still exist & the big Colosseum, churches & lots of other places. St Peter’s Cathederal [sic] is more modern, built in the 16th century. Michaelangelo, at the age of 24 years made the wonderful statue of St Pietro which is also found in St Peter’s. There is another church with another well-known statue by Michaelangelo _ The Moses. In the same church there is a case in which are the chains with which St Peter was bound.
The Forum is the most interesting place in Rome. It is very big & all the ruins are left in there [sic] original place. There are ruins of temples, villas, churches, gardens & triumphal arcs. One of the temples is still complete. In many places the original floor of mosaïc is still there & one bit is well preserved which still holds its bright colours. On a wall, one can see little coloured birds which were also painted by the Romans. There are wells also, one of which shows two marks where the cord of the vessel rubbed away the stone. In the middle of the Forum stand the three famous pillars of an old temple. In one corner of the Forum is the first Christian church ever built. This church has been preserved quite well. All over the place, one sees cases with relics of the Romans. In some cases there are skulls too. In the middle of the Forum one can see the place where Julius Caesar spent his last night.
There is another Forum close to the Grand Forum _ The Forum of the Trajans. This is much smaller than the other. There are the ruins of a small temple in it & other ruins.
Near to the Forum there is the church in which St Peter was imprisoned. The cell is a tiny little place, dark & dirty. There is the stone there to which St Peter was tied & also a small cull in the wall where his head was supposed to have laid.

St Peters Cathederal [sic] is the most holy church in the world. It is the Church of the Pope. It is very big & very beautiful with works by the great cheifs [sic] of art _ Michaelangelo, Raphael & Bellini.
There is a very big modern monument made in white marble in Rome. It is the monument to Victor Emmanuel II. It took 7 years to construct. There are statues there of bronze with a coating of gold. It stands in the Piazza Venizia [sic] & on two sides there are the Roman Forums. In front of the monument is the Palace of Il Duce. From the top of the steps, one can get a lovely view over Rome. One can see St Peter’s, the Palace of Justice, the King’s Palace, the tower of Fra Angelo.

Switzerland Journal April 7th 1937
Switzerland Journal April 7th 1937
Switzerland Journal April 7th 1937
Switzerland Journal April 7th 1937
Switzerland Journal April 7th 1937

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