Switzerland Journal April 7th 1937

From Nice to Roam

Nice was not yet awake when we left by the 6. o.clock train. We followed the sea in the train which looked simply lovely _ red with the rising sun. On our left the mountains & villas where (were) also of a lovely rose hue. All along the gardens where (were) bright with flowers & trees. Upon the walls of the villas hung whisteria[sic]. We saw avenues of palm trees & cacti & fields of orange & lemon trees.
Our first stop was Monte-Carlo, where one can get a view of the Casino from the train. We stopped again at the Cap Martin & Menton. At Vintimille we left France & found ourselves in Italy. We spent an hour in this frontier town. We set off again at about 8.o.clock. Gradually the soil that is so vertile[sic] on the Riviera, diserpeared[sic]. We passed fields and fields of carnations. We were still following the sea. The mountains got smaller as we went south. We stopped again and changed trains at Genoa. We were 2 hours here. We had some lunch and then went to look at the shops. At 2.50 we were off again. We were travelling fast. The train stopped at quite a lot of stations. We passed through Carraras, famous for its marble. We stopped at Pisa & were able to see the leaning tower from the train. After Pisa, the sun went down _ a lovely red ball inflaming the sky. We tried to sleep a little. At 12.o.clock midnight, we reached Rome. The journey took 18 hours.

Switzerland journal April 7th 1937
Switzerland journal April 7th 1937
Switzerland journal April 7th 1937

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