Switzerland Journal April 5th 1937

Gourdon. Gourdon is a very small village built on the very top of a mountain. On three sides of it there are cliffs which descend into a valley – the valley of the river Loup. On the fourth side, the mountain descends in an escarpment. There is a road running up the mountain _ which zig-zags all the way up. This road is known as Le Chemin de Paradise. From Gourdon one has a lovely view over the mediterranian[sic] & the neibouring[sic] mountains. One can distinguish, also, Cannes, Juan Les Pins, Nice & other towns & villages.
This village is very isolated & rather wild. There is a sweet little church there & a small “château”.

Tourettes sur Loup.
This is a little village built on the lava of an old volcano. The lava has formed rocks and this village is built on the edge of a precipice. Some of the houses are actually constructed in the rock.

La saut du Loup.
Where the River Loup falls to a lower level. They are big waterfalls & simply lovely. The water is all churned up with the force & rapidity with which the water falls. The light on the spray forms a rainbow.

Grasse. Grasse is a town in the mountains. It is the centre of the well known perfumeries. There are some fountains there made of perfume. One can see over the factories.

Switzerland journal April 5th 1937
Switzerland journal April 5th 1937

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