Switzerland Journal February 14th 1937

Feb: 14th St Cergue.
A village in the Juras. It is a big sports centre. St Cergue is situated at the side of the “Dôle” mountain and has a wonderful view over looking the lake of Geneva (or Lac Léman) which lies far down below. Also there is a lovely view over Les Dents de midi _ a range of mountains the other side of the lake. Mont Blac[sic] can be seen away to the right. There is a very big hotel which overlooks the lake & dents de midi.

Feb: 14th. La Givrine
La Givrine is another big “endroit de sports”. It is situated about 2 miles above St Cergue & is the main place of skiing for St Cergue.It is one of the highest places in the Juras. La Givrine is not a village, there is a little train that goes up there from St Cergue & there is a little Resterant[sic] chalet. There is a very beautiful ski-course from La Givrine to St Cergue.

Switzerland journal February 14th 1937
Switzerland journal February 14th, continued.

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