The final page in Peggy’s diary is ‘Memoranda’. There is quite a lot of writing on the page, so I’m splitting it into a few posts.

As we know, Peggy enjoyed listening to the gramophone. She used this page to make a note of records she wanted to buy, under the heading ‘Records required‘.
The block of text underneath is crossed out, presumably because she acquired the records she listed:

Ah! Sweet mystery of life – Nelson Eddy (from the musical Naughty Marietta)
I’m falling in love with someone – Nelson Eddy (from Naughty Marietta)
Tramp, tramp, tramp along the highway – Nelson Eddy (from Naughty Marietta)
‘Neath the southern moon – Nelson Eddy (from Naughty Marietta)
Cheek to cheek (from the musical Top Hat)
When the Guardsman started crooning on parade
Little golden locket
A thick, thick fog in London (a comedy song by Jack Payne).

Nelson Eddy was an American singer who was known for appearing in musicals and operas in the 1930s and 40s.

Memoranda page in Peggy’s diary

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