Switzerland Journal January 19th 1937

Jan: 19th Thanne. (*Thun)
A very old town in the canton of Bern. The army of horses of Switzerland are kept there. At Thun there is a very beautiful old castle high up above the town. From the castle there is a lovely view overlooking the town & the lake of Thun. The streets are narrow and in there is only the main street. Above the street there is a sort of gallery with shops. A lot of people think that Thun is the most picturesque town in Switzerland.

*I have used the correct spelling of Thun throughout this post. I’m not sure why Peggy has spelled it as Thanne/Thunne.

Jan: 19th. Bern

Bern is the capital of Switzerland. It is very old and lovely. There is a lot to see there _ the famous bears in the bear-pit, the “Hôtel de la Ville,” the old clock with animals & people playing on it when it strikes, the old palace & the lovely view across the mountains.
The town is like the other old town in Switzerland, dirty with very narrow streets. There is a lovely park in Bern in which is situated the famous “Monument of the Post.”
On many of the walls of the houses there are paintings which date back a long way.

Switzerland journal January 19th 1937
Switzerland journal January 19th 1937 Page 2
Switzerland journal January 19th 1937 Page 3

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