Books Read During The Year

Peggy was an avid reader. Today I’m posting the first few books she listed as having read in 1936. The first three are by Dornford Yates: ‘Adèle & Co’, the well-mentioned ‘Berry & Co’ and ‘Anthony Lyveden’. Peggy’s opinion of these books was “Marvellous.

This is what says about Berry & Co: “This collection of short stories featuring ‘Berry’ Pleydell and his chaotic entourage established Dornford Yates’ reputation as one of the best comic writers in a generation, and made him hugely popular. The German caricatures in the book carried such a sting that when France was invaded in 1939 Yates, who was living near the Pyrenées, was put on the wanted list and had to flee.”

The next book on Peggy’s list was ‘The Willing Horse’ by Ian Hay. She thought it was “quite good.”

Next was another Dornford Yates book: ‘And Berry Came Too’, which Peggy thought was very good.

Last in this section was ‘Our Ambassador King’ (Edward VIII) by Basil Maine. Peggy thought it was Marvellous.

Books Read During The Year page in Peggy’s diary
And Berry Came Too, by Dornford Yates

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