Books Lent

Peggy filled in the ‘Books Lent’ page at the back of her diary. It seems that as well as borrowing “Berry & Co” she also lent it out. On January 23rd the lent it to J. Trench, on March 2nd to P. D. Miller and on March 7th she lent it to M. Dorting and Mrs Miller. It seems it was a very popular book! I have included a photo of the cover below.
On February 26th she also lent “George * & times” to Miss Willson. I’m not sure if this is George V or II. George V died on January 20th 1936 and the book was lent on February 26th 1936, but it could have been written before he died. I can’t find a book published before 1936 that corresponds with the title for either king.
Each of the books listed have ticks next to them, which suggests they were all returned, although the last one has a cross through it, which may be why it was the last time Berry & Co was lent out!

Books Lent page in Peggy’s diary
Berry & Co by Dornford Yates

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