Switzerland Journal December 26th 1936

Dec: 26th La Lenk.
A little village in the Swiss Alps. It is not very well known in England but in the winter most of the people who go there for winter sports are English. There are two big hotels_The Wildstrubel & Belview. Behind the village is the mountain Wildstrubel. At Lenk there is a ski jump high up above the slopes, and a skating rink. The band plays at the rink every morning from 11 to 1. Once or twice every 2 weeks there is “rink night” with the band playing at the rink from 9 to about 12. Magic lanterns are hung all round & there is a game of “curling”. If the rink is not too crowded on these nights & in the afternoons after tea, we can play ice hockey.
Some afternoons & nights you can go “tailing”. There are “concourses de ski” – ski-jumping & the “slalome”[sic]. You can be instructed for skiing & skating & there are the tests you can take for your 1st, 2nd & 3rd stars.
At the Hotel Wildstrubel there is dancing every other night & the band plays at tea time every other day.
There is a little train running from Lenk to Zweisimmen quite frequently which is the only train that comes to Lenk.

Gstaadt is quite a big town in the Swiss alps. It is not quite so high as Lenk. There is a big ice rink and a big, and one of the best, ski jumps. It is a well known place in England as it’s[sic] sport is good there. Some of the biggest ski people and skating people go there. Ruud, the world champion for ski jumping, who won the olympic cup in 1932 & 1936, was there for the ski jumping contest we saw. He did 68m. Rudy, the Swiss champion was also jumping_he did 65.

Zweisimmen. A little town in the Swiss Alps. It is a junction for quite a lot of the villages round about.

Switzerland Journal December 26th 1936

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