Switzerland Journal November 26th 1936

Thurs: Nov 26th. Le Tartuff*. A play written by Molier. It is a comedy about a family, the father of which is very fond of a man called Tartuff who is a hypocrite. Orgon, the father, offers Tartuff his daughter for marriage but the daughter is in love & wishes to marry another man. Tartuff falls in love with Orgon’s wife, Elmire, & makes love to her. Elmire tells this to Orgon & he does not believe it, so she makes him hide under a table while she has an interview with Tartuff who makes love to her again & says [sais?] wrong things about Orgon. Orgon turns against Tartuff after that & turns him from his house but Tartuff recalled the promise of Orgon to him, that all his house & money were for him.
In the end Tartuff is arrested & taken to prison.

*Correct spelling is Tartuffe.

Le Faiseur. A play by Balzac_Comedy. It was very funny but didn’t have much story to it. There was a very big cast.

Switzerland journal November 26th

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