Diary Back Pages

Back on December 26th 2019 I posted photos of the diary pages that preceded the entries. They were filled with lots of useful information – far more than I was ever expected to know at school! Now the year is over I’ll post the pages from the back of the diary, some of which Peggy filled in, but much of it she didn’t.

First up are the all important Pocket Money pages! As you can see, she made use of the first of these tables in May 1936. She split the page into “Daddies money” and “My money”. It appears that she spent her initial budget on essential items and then used her allocated ‘pocket money’ on frivolities and personal purchases.

‘Daddie’s Money’ balance is 10 shillings (worth around £35 in today’s money). She spent 1/7 (one shilling and seven pence) on S.T’s, which is Peggy’s code for sanitary towels. She kept back 5/3 for pocket money and then spent 3/11 1/2 on stockings* and 3d (pence) on shoes – possibly a repair rather than a new pair, since 3d equates to just over £1 in today’s currency.

‘My Money’ was spent on a frog (6d), sweets (4d), a book (6/2) and a present (2d)
Peggy also owed Mummie 6/9.

*Stockings were made of silk until nylon was invented in 1938.

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