Peggy’s 1936 diary has now finished. There is one last entry on the final page, saying ‘Coronation of George VI May 12th 1937’ (Edward VIII has been scrawled out) – which is covered by lines crossing out the days in January – presumably because she started a new Diary for 1937. Peggy made various notes in the back sections of the book, which I will share over the coming days. Unfortunately we didn’t find any other diaries among Peggy’s possessions after she died in 2016, so I don’t have the next one to continue with. There are more entries in her ‘Switzerland’ journal, which I will post (I got a bit behind with them, but I will catch up, and they continue sporadically until April 1937), and there are several sketches she made, including some of David (of course!) and the school in Geneva.

Last page of entries

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