December 26th 1936

Diary sub-note: S. Stephen. Bank Holiday
1716. Thomas Gray, poet, born
S.R. 8.5, S.S. 3.56

Set of[sic] for La Lenk. The train was crammed. Danced in the evening until 10.30. Nice hotel with all English people.

Diary entry December 26th 1936

Diary footnote, accompanied by a photograph of a Wire Haired Terrier: THE WIRE HAIRED TERRIER. We owe the wire haired terrier (own brother to the smooth haired, and now even more popular) to a sporting parson, the Rev. Jack Russell, who started a kennel of working terriers in the year of Waterloo, and bred consistently for performance only, and eschewed show dogs like the plague. The parson’s dogs were small, as they should be for going to ground, and their frame continues to this day. Wire haired terriers have one disadvantage over the smooth variety, in that they must be constantly trimmed.

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