November 28th 1936

Diary sub-note: 1721. Cartouche, highwayman, executed
Full Moon, 4.12 p.m.
S.R. 7.39, S.S. 3.57

Had letter from Daddy.
Went shopping in the town & I bought my things for fancy dress. Had a nice drawing lesson.

Diary entry November 28th 1936

Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of a Skye Terrier: THE SKYE TERRIER. Here is an example of Nature’s adaptability. The climate of the Western Coast of Scotland, from whence he hails, has a damp and rainy climate; his long fine coat, therefore, sheds off water. The fox earths and the badger setts are among the rocks of his native hills; therefore his body is long, low and sinuous, so that he can penetrate these rocky fastnesses. Lastly, the fanciers, ever ready to improve on Nature, have decreed that his eyes shall be completely blinded with overhanging hair, so that he need not see the funny people who come to stare at him on the show bench.

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