November 7th 1936

Diary sub-note: 1594. Frobisher, explorer, died
S.R. 7.3, S.S. 4.29

Went to see over the Industry Exhibition in Geneva. Spent the whole afternoon there. Had drawing first lesson & drew calanders[sic].

Diary entry November 7th 1936

Diary footnote: Accompanied by a photograph of a Poodle: THE POODLE. Although classified by the Kennel Club as ‘non-sporting,’ the Poodle is essentially a sporting dog, of great scenting powers, and has not infrequently been used as a gun-dog. Some authorities maintain that he is consanguineous with the Irish Water Spaniel. His dandified appearance, artfully aided, if not burlesqued, by the barber’s scissors, has given him stage aspirations, and as a performing dog he is unexcelled. Thoughdubbed a Frenchman, he is one of the most cosmopolitan of dogs.

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