September 5th 1936

Diary sub-note: 1914. Formal Alliance between Britain, France and Russia
S.R. 6.18, S.S. 7.38

Went to the West Pier to hear Petulengro & his Gypsy Band. Cousin Benno & Cousin Marjory came. I went to see “Limelight” with Anna Meagle & Arthur Tracy (the street singer) in it. It was marvellous. Went to a wonderful ice display with Melitta Brunner in it.

Diary entry September 5th 1936

Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of a King Charles Spaniel: KING CHARLES SPANIEL. Though of eastern origin, and akin to the Peke, these little dogs were imported from Spain in the reign of Henry VIII. They were the especial favourites of King Charles II, whose palaces were full of them. There are four recognised varieties, differentiated chiefly by colour : the King Charles proper, black and tan ; the Prince Charlie, tricolour ; the Ruby, all red ; the Blenheim, red and white. A further variety, the Marlborough Blenheim, was imported by the first Duke of Marlborough. All are sporting little dogs, not given to yapping.

‘Limelight’ film poster

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