May 16th 1936

Diary sub-note: 1811. Battle of Albuera
S.R. 5.7, S.S. 8.46

Went for a long ride. Went to the jumble sale in the afternoon. It poured with rain. Went to see Jack in “Come out of the pantry” & Zazu Pitts in “Going Highbrow”.

Diary entry May 16th 1936

Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of a Deerhound: THE DEERHOUND. The Scottish Deerhound is in all probability the result of the importation of Irish Wolfhounds, crossed with the Greyhound. In the early days of deerstalking, he was used for running down wounded stags, for which his speed and strength were eminently suited. He is of imposing appearance, standing nearly 30 inches at the shoulder, and is gentle and affectionate by nature. His aristocratic bearing make him ‘every inch the gentleman.’

‘Come Out Of The Pantry’ film poster
‘Going Highbrow’ Film poster

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