March 21st 1936

Diary sub-note: 1918. Big German offensive in the West
S.R. 6.1, S.S. 6.14

Match scratched in the afternoon. I rested until 3.o’clock then went round the fields & woods with Jill Trench. The others went up to the ridges.

Diary entry March 21st 1936

Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of a Bedlington: The Bedlington. A native of Northumbria, and originally known as the Rodbury Terrier, the breed has been famous in the North for over 150 years as a very game terrier at fox, badger and otter. He came South in the late ‘sixties. At first sight he is rather comical, with his top-knot, wistful expression and whippetty back, but his personality grows on one. His coat is characteristic, hard and broken on top, and soft and downy underneath. His rather jealous nature leads to fighting unless checked, but he is a faithful companion.

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