March 1st 1936

Diary sub-note: 1st [Sunday] in Lent. Ember Week. S.David
1711. “The Spectator” first published

Went to am church. Listened in to the King’s speech at Virginia Water Wheatsheaf.
Saw Claremont girls. I was in a class with Barbara & Rosemary. Talked to Grace & Jinker. Dordor came to lunch & brought us each a knitting bag. I Played to Dordor on the piano. Came back to school. Went to see Anne H & took her some grapes & peaches. Brought Julie some peaches.

Diary entry March 1st 1936

Published by derynjames

British author and voiceover.

One thought on “March 1st 1936

  1. It’s interesting that they keep giving each other presents. Of course they had to have wealthy families to be at a prestigious boarding school (almost all public schools were single sex in those days).


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