February 23rd 1936

Diary sub-note: Quinquagesima
1820. Cato Street conspiracy

“Milly” was at lunch. Saw Catherine as I came out of church. Wrote to Mummie, Anne H, Susan, Marjory, Nance, Dordor, Mrs Bourne. Miss Catherine gave us a lecture on the Chinese art with the epidiascope*. Mrs Bourne’s birthday.

Diary entry February 23rd 1936

Quinquagesmia is the final Sunday before the start of Lent.

From Wikipedia: The Cato Street Conspiracy was an attempt to murder all the British cabinet ministers and the Prime Minister Lord Liverpool in 1820.

The letters Peggy wrote would have been ‘thank you’ notes for her birthday gifts. She wrote thank you letters throughout her life.

*An epidiascope is a type of projector, which displays opaque objects.

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