February 8th 1936

Diary sub-note: Half Quarter Day.
1587. Mary, Queen of Scots, executed.
S.R. 7.29, S.S. 5.0

Had my hair washed. Played a match against St Michael’s, Horsley towers & won 7-6. Elise came to watch. I shared a case with Paddy & Gerry.

Diary entry February 8th 1936

Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of an Afghan Hound: Afghan Hound. Although related to the Saluki of the plains, he differs largely in appearance. His coat is long and he is shaggy, as befits a hillman, his ears hang like a spaniel’s, and he wears a comic head-dress of tufted hair. His build is suited for arduous climbing, rather than speed on the flat, and in disposition he resembles his masters, the Afridis and Pathans, being shy and retiring, but dour when roused. He is not yet widely known in this country, owing to the difficulty of buying specimens, the native owners being very jealous of the breed.

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