January 27th 1936

Diary sub-note: 1816. Admiral Hood died

Had lessons as usual. Had a row* from Miss Drake about my gramophone. Miss Gurney read to us in her room after supper.

Dairy entry January 27th 1936

*None of us can make out what this says! Suggestions are ‘had a row’, ‘had a note’, ‘had a mail’ and ‘had no news’.

Published by derynjames

British author and voiceover.

One thought on “January 27th 1936

  1. I suspect it is a _note_ from, Miss Drake about the gramaphone, although I realise it doesn’t look like note! Her writing was very inconsistent, wasn’t it?! Her letter “r” can end at the top as well as the bottom (as in /gramaphone/ and /read/!). She also have had some of her own words for things. A “dewberry” was a little compliment, for example. (Daphne du Maurier used the word, “Vienese” for lesbian when she was at school in Switzerland.)


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