Uncle Mac and Dordor

I don’t have a photo of ‘Uncle Mac’, who was mentioned yesterday, but I’ve been sent some information about him today that I thought was worth a mention. He would have been Peggy’s step-father, General McQuoid, about which Peggy’s cousin says: “As a small girl I was terrified by his (Indian Army) moustache!”

The same cousin and her brother were taken, by their mother, to Pangbourne, where Peggy’s mother lived, for the duration of the war. They lived in the village with two old ladies, while her aunt and grandmother moved from much-bombed Canterbury to live at Peggy’s mother’s house.

The photo here is of Dordor, Peggy’s grandmother, mentioned in her diary on January 4th. We think she acquired her unusual nickname when looking after Peggy as a toddler. The story (as we remember it) goes that Peggy couldn’t pronounce ‘granny’, and was also too small to reach the door handle, so when she wanted to leave the room she would call out ‘door, door!’. As we can see from January 4th, Peggy spelled the name ‘Dordor’. Or at least we think that’s what it says!

A photo of ‘Dordor’, Peggy’s grandmother
Diary entry from January 4th 1936

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