January 11th 1936

Dairy sub-note: Hilary Law Sittings begin
1753. Sir Hans Sloane, physician, died
S.R. 8.3, S.S. 4.12

Went to Musée Victor Hugo. Poured with rain. Pierre came in time for dinner. Pierre & Mrs Schlund went to a film. I had on the wireless until 9.30 & then went to bed.

Diary entry January 11th 1936

Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of an Alsatian: The Alsatian. Resembling the wolf more nearly than any other breed, both in size and appearance, he has earned a rather unfortunate, but undeserved reputation. Originally used in Germany as a sheep-dog, his quick intelligence, powers of tracking, and initiative have found him invaluable in police work. During the War*, the Germans used him for the carrying of messages and ammunition. He is essentially a ‘one man’ dog, suspicious of strangers, but amenable to firm handling.

*1936 was post World War One, but pre World War Two.

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