January 4th 1936

Dairy sub-note: 1806. Cape of Good Hope taken by the British.
S.R. 8.6, s.s. 4.4

Went up the Arc de Triomph & Eiffel Tower. Bought Roast Chestnuts. Went to the “Dôme” for tea. Wrote a card to Dordor*.

*Dordor was what Peggy called her Grandmother.

Diary entry January 4th 1936

Diary footnote, accompanying a photograph of a Bulldog: The Bulldog. His ferocious appearance belies his gentle disposition. He belongs to the Mastiff family, of which breed he was originally a smaller variant, suitable for bull baiting. He had to be low to the ground, to get under the bull’s lowered horns and fix him by the nose. The shape of his jaws gives him a tenacious grip, difficult to shake off, and his powerful neck, chest and shoulders form an important part of his fighting equipment.

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